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We've searched archives in Forks and around the world to locate rare photos and artwork of Cullen family members and others of the Twilight cast of characters. These previously unknown photos are now available to be added to your Twilight memorabilia collection.

Watch this site for more additions as our research uncovers more photos from the past, including historic photos from Forks that were used in set decorations for the movie Twilight.
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When you visit Forks, you can find these photos at the "Dazzled by Twilight" store on Forks Avenue.

Order this new book about Forks from Images from the Forks Timber Museum illustrate the history of Forks, inlcuding a chapter on the influence of Twilight on the town.

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Edwards First Car, ca 1920. 5X7 photoBR> $4.00
A rare photo from Edward's early days in Forks. The road to Forks was just made passable to automobiles at this time, and cars were still a novelty in Forks. The road around Lake Crescent from Port Angeles was not completed until 1921.

A Portrait of the Physician Carlisle Cullen, ca. 1670. 5X7 photo
“A Portrait of the Physician Carlisle Cullen”, ca 1670. This portrait of the renowned physician was found in the archives of the Royal College of Physicians in London. The exact date and the artist are unknown.

A Photo of Jasper (Whitlock) Hale, ca. 1862. 5X7 photo
Born in 1843 in Texas, Jasper Whitlock joined the Confederate forces in the Civil War. This photo from 1862 was taken shortly after he enlisted. Jasper rose to the rank of Major in the war. He was changed to a vampire in 1863 and after meeting the Cullen family in 1950 he took the name Hale.

Rosalie Hale Wedding Preparations, 1933 photo. 5X7 photo
Rosalie Hale in her wedding dress, 1933. This photo was apparently taken in preparation for her wedding to Royce King III. The photo appears to be a restoration from the original photo (below), with Royce removed from the picture.

Alice Cullen, ca 1920 photo. 5X7 photo
Although Alice has a gift of seeing the future, she oddly has no recollection of the past. Mary Alice Brandon, now Alice Cullen, was born in 1901. Her gift of premonition was not well received by her family and she was committed to an asylum at about the age of 19. Her family erected a gravestone to explain her disappearance from the Biloxi community. Changed by a vampire in the asylum, Alice has fulfilled a vision, becoming a member of the Cullen family.

Emmett Cullen Bear Hunt, ca. 1965. 5X7 photo
Born Emmett Dale McCarty in 1915, Emmett had nearly died when he was mauled by a bear in the mountains of Tennessee in 1935. Rosalie saved him, taking him to Dr. Carlisle Cullen who changed him into a vampire and adopted him into the Cullen family. His now superhuman strength and speed allows him to be a much better bear hunter than he was in 1935. This photo shows Emmett with a bear taken near Forks, Washington around 45 years ago.

Order this new book about Forks from Images from the Forks Timber Museum illustrate the history of Forks, inlcuding a chapter on the influence of Twilight on the town.

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