Olympus Multimedia provides custom development of interactive multimedia applications and support and sales for the SuperLink product line of interactive multimedia authoring software.

Olympus Multmedia has been actively using and developing the SuperLink Authoring Program for over ten years, supporting thousands of users world-wide.

Recent projects of Olympus Multimedia have included interactive instructional CD-ROM applications in the Quileute language, a tribe in the Northwest coast of the United States.  This intensive set of interactive CD's utilize special fonts, graphics, recorded speech, interactive microphone recording and playback for learning the Quileute language.

In addition, we have been involved in the development of a comprehesive set of curriculum materials for Marine Science education for the Institute for Marine Science, a 3 CD set of materials for all grade levels.  This CD set provides a search and retrieval system to locate lessons by subject, grade level, keyword, and objective.  The lessons are stored on CD in Microsoft Word format, so they can be customized, edited and printed as needed.